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The larger target is presumed to include the proposed output of a JV in LCVs with Brilliance Auto. The best selling vehicle built by DFM is the Nissan Sylphy, registrations over the first three quarters of CY2017 amounting to 280,424 units. The Nissan sedan was alone amongst the top four in seeing its sales payday loans no credit check over this period too.

Of all the many Dongfeng brand models on sale in China, only three make it into the top 100 best sellers' list. The Fengguang 580 (123,378) is the company's number one. This SUV is built by Dongfeng Xiaokang, a commercial vehicle division. It first went on sale 18 months ago, soon after a world premiere at the Beijing motor show in April 2016. Unusually, the car was facelifted in May this year. The Fengguang 580 is powered by a 150hp 1.

The second best selling model to wear a Dongfeng badge is also an SUV. The second generation Fengxing Jingyi ('Joyear') X5 premiered at the Guangzhou motor show in November 2016. Its life payday loans no credit check should last until 2023, with a facelift in 2020. There are a handful of models which will probably be phased out during 2018 due to their relative unpopularity.

Some of them are only between three and four years old but they are either not SUVs or in segments where there is too much competition.

The Fengshen Aeolus A30 is one of the potentially doomed vehicles. Sales have withered to around the 100 units a month level. Another model in trouble is the Fengshen L60, which should finish the year with sales of less than 3,000 units. One more C segment sedan which has yet to set the sales charts alight is the Fengxing Jingye S50 and its EV variant.

This model for China is manufactured by Dongfeng Liuzhou, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor. It debuted at the Beijing motor show in April 2014 and is based on the Fengshen A60 sedan, which itself is derived from an obsolete Nissan Sylphy. The Jingyi S50 went on sale in China in September 2014, powered by the choice of 1.

The Fengshen A60 is much older than the S50, having been launched in 2011. The last update for the C segment sedan was a facelift which debuted at November 2015's Guangzhou motor show.

DFM is not expected to launch a direct replacement for this car. The Aeolus sub-brand includes another slow seller, although this model is still quite fresh.

The A9 is intended to be a rival for FAW's Hongqi H7 limo. PSA's EMP2 architecture is used and this car shares much with the second generation Citroen C6.

The 5,066mm long production model only went on sale in China in April 2016 but most months it has been battling to find more than a few hundred buyers. For a different reason, the Shuai MPV online payday loans is also soon due for the chop. This rebodying of the second generation Nissan Serena was launched in China by Dongfeng back in November 2009 so it's overdue for a successor.

The Shuai, also known as the Shuaike, should be replaced in 2018. The range of 'AX' SUVs is performing better than many of DFM's cars so it has not been surprising to see more added to the line-up. The latest is the Fengshen AX4, pictured above. This is an especially interesting vehicle as it has introduced Groupe PSA and Dongfeng's CMP low-cost small vehicle architecture.

The AX4 was the third SUV or crossover to be added to Dongfeng Fengdu's Fengshen sub-brand. Easily the vehicle's most distinctive styling features are its enormous and protruding front fog lights and their faux chrome surrounds. It is powered by a 1. Production commenced in August and by the end of September, dealers had already sold 3,072 examples of this 4,195mm long SUV.

Illogically, at 4,518mm long, the Fengshen AX3 is larger than the AX4. This SUV has been on the market since late 2015. Fewer than 12,000 were registered during the year to the end of September, which suggests that it too might be phased out next year, although it may struggle on into 2019 if Dongfeng chooses to give it a facelift.

Dongfeng's strategy is almost a scattergun approach: throw as many vehicles at the market and see which ones work, not worrying too much about potential profitability.

Another AX model is the Fengshen AX5. The AX5 is aimed at the Haval H6 and GAC Trumpchi GS4. It is only moderately successful, selling at the rate of around 1,000-1,500 units a month throughout 2017. The star performer of the AX models is the Fengshen AX7. It has averaged just more than 3,000 registrations a month this year.

This is despite it coming up to its mid-life facelift. This SUV was first seen at April 2014's Beijing motor show. Based upon the first generation Nissan Qashqai, it went on sale in China in August 2014.

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